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About Us

Documentary, Factual and Lifestyle Entertainment Distributors

Established over 22 years ago, Espresso Media International (formerly Espresso TV) started off life as a production company developing magazine programmes, documentaries and strands for the BBC and TVS (ITV).

The mid to late 1990’s saw Espresso involved in setting up a sports programming and distribution service to Latin America, and Hispanic North America producing a daily news and programming service, delivered to over 20 Latin American channels in three languages.

Since the late 1990’s Espresso’s focus has rested on distribution with well-established international contacts in the documentary and factual entertainment genres. Our client list now includes Terrestrial, Cable & Satellite Broadcasters, Educational and DVD buyers as well as a growing presence on New Media Platforms, some of which include:


Our catalogue is built on representing some of the best UK and International Producers with award-winning documentaries and series. In addition to this we are working on co-production of several factual projects at various stages of funding with European, North American and other International broadcasters.

We are always looking to acquire new high quality factual entertainment series and documentary programming, selecting titles that fit our profile enabling us to provide a focused and honed personal service to our clients.

Espresso Media International… factual entertainment without the froth.