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We represent independent producers with unique programmes and we treat each project in a dedicated and focused approach. Our catalogue is built on representing some of the best UK and International producers with award-winning documentaries and series. We are always looking to acquire new high quality documentaries and factual series, selecting titles that fit our profile to enable us to provide a focused and honed service to our clients. If you have a finished programme or television series and are looking for international distribution, please submit your details below for consideration, and we will get back to you very soon.

Before submission, please note there are a few considerations to identify in technical and publicity materials:

Technical Materials should include the following:
Master files should be supplied on either:

Apple ProRes 422 HQ (*.mov)
Avid DNX185x MXL (op1a)
XDCAM Mpeg 2HD 50mbit
Uncompressed 10bit QT
The audio must either be contained within the file or as separate BWAV’s; 48Khz

Files should conform to EBU technical specifications for PAL material and SMPTE technical specifications for NTSC material.

We need both a texted and textless masters:

  • A texted master is simply your program as you intend the audience to see it, with all titles, subtitles, lower thirds, segment and interstitial titles, and end credits intact.
  • A textless master is the same program with all titles, subtitles, lower thirds, segment and interstitial titles, and end credits removed, to facilitate easy title replacement for international distribution. (Text that appears within video clips used by the program is usually left intact.)

Audio channels should have full mix on Tracks 1 & 2 and International M&E* on Tracks 3 & 4.

*We use the BBC definition of an M&E track as follows:
We accept Final Mix Minus Commentary. This means that no commentary, no extra readings or voiceovers should be on the music and effects. The levels should not be dipped. If a contributor appears speaking to camera, this sync dialogue must continue throughout that piece on the M&E tracks, even if they do not appear in vision throughout. Any dialogue recorded on location but not used in sync should not appear on the M&E.

Publicity Materials should include the following:
– Music cue sheets
– Time-coded script
– Credits
– At least 12 Hi-Res (min. 300dpi) images
– Press Releases
– Trailer
– Screener file (max. 1gb in size)
– Poster or flyer

All of the above should be supplied by email or as a digital file wherever possible.